Our Partners

We don’t consider our clients to be merely those who we provide services to. Our clients are our partners. Our clients are who we work with every step in the way to ensure that we deliver the best service we can based on the requirements they have. We don’t dictate what we think you need, we push for a dynamic relationship wherein you give us input on what you need and we give you information regarding what we can do for you. After all, we at SQIAR believe that for true partnership to occur, coming together is only the beginning; working together and seeing things till the end is what success truly is.

If you’re looking into partnering with us, you are more likely to be a:

1. A consulting company that does not have a BI arm.

2. An independent consultant who needs support with BI.

3. A PHD research associate or researcher who needs training in tableau or assistance with development.

If you belong to any of the three mentioned, drop us a line and set an appointment with us at your own convenience. We’ll go through your requirements, from which we can determine which direction we can take. We promise you – it’ll be a fruitful and successful partnership!

We can help in your next BI project!

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